Subject Re: Help! Getting error during query
Author Peter M. Jagielski

The data originally came from a 17G text file, 17M+ recs. I broke the
file apart into 17 1M record batches to make it easier (???) for FB to

Also, I backed up the db and restored it, thinking maybe there was
something wrong with the db, but it made no difference. I also
verified the integrity of the db through DB Workbench (Database
Validation and Repair...) and it reported no problems.

My previous thread was in regards to the max size of a .FDB file under
WinXP/NTFS. It appears that I should not be having a problem with a
6.6g .FDB file. After all, I was able to successfully load the 17G
text file into my editor in order to split it up into 17 separate
files, implying that WinXP/NTFS doesn't have a problem with files that

I'm running out of things to try at this point. I may try to reimport
again, but try some queries after each 1M rec batch.

I'm open to any other suggestions :)