Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Help! Getting error during query
Author Milan Babuskov
Peter M. Jagielski wrote:
> As mentioned, I've got a single 6.6g .FDB file. In a previous thread
> I started last week, this shouldn't be a problem under XP/NTFS. For
> the hell of it, last night I reimported my data into a recreated
> database that's broken down into 2g segments. Data imported fine, but
> I'm still having the same query problems.
> I'm 2 days behind where I should be, and after numerous successful FB
> projects (albeit much smaller databases), I'll have to switch over to
> MySQL as I'm frustrated as all get out and can't spend any more time
> troubleshooting. I'm, unfortunately, VERY disappointed with FB at
> this point...

Why don't you use FB1.0? It is stable, and still much better than MySQL.
And, you don't have to rewrite your code.

Milan Babuskov