Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Help! Getting error during query
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Peter,

> Thanks for jumping in! I don't think the problem is with your
> Database Workbench - the same queries fail under ISQL as well. Just
> curious - is DB Workbench just passing the queries to ISQL anyway?

No, not to ISQL, but to the Firebird API. Just like ISQL ;-)

> In my Registration Properties for the db, the Database box contains
> (for the single 6.6 gig .FDB):
> C:\newdata\clientdata.fdb

Just checking - the reason I'm asking is that some people are
putting the server-name in that box as well, which sometimes
results into "weird" errors.

> For what it's worth, after I imported the 1st 1 million recs, I was
> able to query just fine. But after importing the remaining 16+
> million recs, I'm now having problems. I'm beginning to wonder if
> there's something in the data itself that's causing the problem?
> However, if so, I would have thought I would have gotten an error
> during the import from the external file via INSERT INTO..SELECT...

How many rows are in that table? 17 million? ( from an earlier
post by you about importing )

Can someone recall the maximum table size?

What could cause this error? (from the code?)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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