Subject Re: Help! Getting error during query
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
What about space for the TEMP file (or for your database)? Is it an
external file or not? Are all files belonging to the same version (i.
e. could it report a wrong message)? What about indexes and
selectivity? Just wild guesses about things to check.

If it is a bug in Firebird, I'm sure the developers would love to
isolate it, but I doubt that querying a file larger than a few
gigabytes weren't successfully done during testing (you report that no
queries work).


--- In, "Peter M. Jagielski" wrote:
> Martijn,
> The data originally came from a 17G text file, 17M+ recs. I broke
> the file apart into 17 1M record batches to make it easier (???) for
> FB to import.
> Also, I backed up the db and restored it, thinking maybe there was
> something wrong with the db, but it made no difference. I also
> verified the integrity of the db through DB Workbench (Database
> Validation and Repair...) and it reported no problems.
> My previous thread was in regards to the max size of a .FDB file
> under WinXP/NTFS. It appears that I should not be having a problem
> with a 6.6g .FDB file. After all, I was able to successfully load
> the 17G text file into my editor in order to split it up into 17
> separate files, implying that WinXP/NTFS doesn't have a problem with
> files that big.
> I'm running out of things to try at this point. I may try to
> reimport again, but try some queries after each 1M rec batch.
> I'm open to any other suggestions :)