Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with Events
Author Helen Borrie

Now you have me totally confused.
At 03:07 PM 1/09/2004 +0200, you wrote:
> >> We have the same problem if the application and db - file is on the same
> >> machine
> >> FB 1.5.1 (and correct gds32.dll)
> >> winXp SP2 (doesn´t matter whether firewall is on or off)
> >>

First, you said this:

> >> Interresting detail: if using local connectStr (dbFile = c:\test\db.fdb)
> >> then the problem doesn´t exists.

And here you said this:

>Both errors don't occur on machines without sp2 (dbfile =
>server:c:\temp\db.fdb and dbfile = c:\temp\db.fdb) respectively machines
>with winxp and sp2, but here only when using local connection (dbfile =

So what is the *actual* problem?

>I did [see Russell Belding's thread].
>I tested with RemoteAuxPort (exception port in firewall)

Did you stop and restart the server after doing the change to firebird.conf?

>and also with
>defining fbserver.exe as program exception but also with setting the
>firewall to inactive.
>Another thing is of sometimes getting an EAccessViolation on disconnect.
>But maybe it is just a probelem of TIBEvents (IBX 6.08).

TIBEvents used to have this problem with an IPServer client. Maybe it
still does - are you having that problem with all of the clients, or just
the ones with SP2? You could ask about it on the IBX newsgroup...