Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with Events
Author Christian
>> We have the same problem if the application and db - file is on the same
>> machine
>> FB 1.5.1 (and correct gds32.dll)
>> winXp SP2 (doesn´t matter whether firewall is on or off)
>> Interresting detail: if using local connectStr (dbFile = c:\test\db.fdb)
>> then the problem doesn´t exists.
> Read the thread of yesterday, started by Russell Belding, with the
> subject
> "Firebird server is XP upgraded with SP2" and also follow up the link
> given
> by Richard Salt in his message.

I did.

I tested with RemoteAuxPort (exception port in firewall) and also with
defining fbserver.exe as program exception but also with setting the
firewall to inactive.

Another thing is of sometimes getting an EAccessViolation on disconnect.
But maybe it is just a probelem of TIBEvents (IBX 6.08).

Both errors don't occur on machines without sp2 (dbfile =
server:c:\temp\db.fdb and dbfile = c:\temp\db.fdb) respectively machines
with winxp and sp2, but here only when using local connection (dbfile =