Subject RE: [firebird-support] question regarding roles, users, db-owner, gbak
Author Johan van Zyl

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Sent: 01 September 2004 14:56
Subject: [firebird-support] question regarding roles, users, db-owner,


1. What's the use of Roles ? I can't seem to find any docs on this ,
and I haven't got/ordered HeLen's book yet :(.
2. I've made a Db to be installed at a customer's site, and added a
user which is granted some rights on some tables, SYSDBA (that's me)
pasword is not given to customer (question of responsability when sth
goes wrong). How can I allow my customer to be able to use GBAK to
shedule backup/restore of this DB, without giving him SYSDBA
password ? can I somehow 'grant' backup/restore rights to the User I
created for him ?

Best regards,

Dirk Naudts.

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