Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with Events
Author Christian
> Now you have me totally confused.
Sorry, it's my bad english:

winxp without sp2: no problem
winxp with sp:
* local connection (dbfile = c:\temp\db.fdb): no problem
* remote connection (dbfile = server:c:\temp\db.fdb):
2 Problems: EAsseccViolation on Disconnect and CPU usage of 100 % if
somebody kills the application

> Did you stop and restart the server after doing the change to
> firebird.conf?


> TIBEvents used to have this problem with an IPServer client. Maybe it
> still does - are you having that problem with all of the clients, or just
> the ones with SP2? You could ask about it on the IBX newsgroup...

I am not so sure that this situation happens only with ibx, i have also
tested with Fibplus event alerter.