Subject Database owner (GBAK/CS)
Author Listeny

I'm configuring new linux box for database server.

Distribution: Suse Linux 9.1(two xeon processor)
Firebird: 1.5.1 CS

When I use SS on the other linux box, the owner of recovered database
be firebird/firebird -- execute gbak by any local user.

In this time, the owner of recovered database was same as local user.
Is this a normal results ?


command is
listen:~$ /opt/firebird/bin/gbak -R -P 8192 -O -USER SYSDBA -PASS xxxx backup.gbak /dbs/newdb.gdb

result is
-rw-r--r-- 1 listen users 5768192 2004-09-01 10:51 ocr_system.gdb