Subject RE: [firebird] [firebird-support] Accessing MS SQL Srv from IB Stored Proc
Author David Griffeth
Can you do it from the MS SQL Server side of the equation? I'm wondering if
you could use MS's Data Transformation Services or Linked Server
functionality to do what you need to do...

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Subject: [firebird] [firebird-support] Accessing MS SQL Srv from IB Stored

Hello, I am new here with the following question:
I want to establish an interface transferring data from a MS SQL
Server to an Interbase Server 6.0. I am thinking of a stored proc (in
the IB DB) accessing the MS SQL Server DB (via a MS SQL ODBC driver
on the IB machine). Can anybody tell me how to use an ODBC data
source from within an IB stored proc, or is there a better way to
implement this daily interface?
Thanks for help, Frank.