Subject RE: [firebird-support] Accessing MS SQL Srv from IB Stored Proc
Author Nathan Jobe
Not directly.

You could make a UDF (Firebird extended library)that could be linked
directly into Firebird.

This could be called from a Stored Procedure.

But you would need to develop, debug, and interface it to Firebird all by

Look on the IB Phoenix website - there's lots of information about UDF's

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Subject: [firebird-support] Accessing MS SQL Srv from IB Stored Proc

Hello, I am new here with the following question:
I want to establish an interface transferring data from a MS SQL
Server to an Interbase Server 6.0. I am thinking of a stored proc (in
the IB DB) accessing the MS SQL Server DB (via a MS SQL ODBC driver
on the IB machine). Can anybody tell me how to use an ODBC data
source from within an IB stored proc, or is there a better way to
implement this daily interface?
Thanks for help, Frank.

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