Subject Firebird server is XP upgraded with SP2
Author russellbelding
This may help someone. Or you may help me gain better insight with

Hello MyClient

By installing Windows XP SP2 on your DB server you have installed a
new firewall. Before the Firebird engine can receive and process
requests you must tell the firewall to allow these requests. In your
case this is simple.

Use Start – Control Panel
- Security Center
- Windows Firewall
- Exceptions
- Add Port:
o TCP = Yes
o Name = Firebird 1.5 (or make up your own name)
o Port = 3050
o SetScope = My Network

Then press the [Apply] or [OK] buttons to accept these changes. This
should allow your Firebird Engine on your XP SP2 machine to accept
database requests and process them.

I rebooted the server but am not sure if this is required.

Russell Belding