Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird server is XP upgraded with SP2
Author Lester Caine
russellbelding wrote:

> This may help someone. Or you may help me gain better insight with
> comments.
> Hello MyClient
> By installing Windows XP SP2 on your DB server you have installed a
> new firewall. Before the Firebird engine can receive and process
> requests you must tell the firewall to allow these requests. In your
> case this is simple.
> Use Start  Control Panel
> - Security Center
> - Windows Firewall
> - Exceptions
> - Add Port:
> o TCP = Yes
> o Name = Firebird 1.5 (or make up your own name)
> o Port = 3050
> o SetScope = My Network
> Then press the [Apply] or [OK] buttons to accept these changes. This
> should allow your Firebird Engine on your XP SP2 machine to accept
> database requests and process them.
> I rebooted the server but am not sure if this is required.

Events use a different port number which will need including, so the
server has to be configured with a fixed event port number. ( Others to
supply details - I don't use internal events ;) )

Lester Caine
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