Subject RE: [firebird-support] Questions about FB file size limits
Author Leyne, Sean

> I have a fixed-length ASCII text file that was exported from another
> DB. I need to get it into FB. The file is 16.6G is size, containing
> 17 million recs.
> My plan was to have FB attach the file as an external file, and then
> do a INSERT INTO..SELECT.. from the external file into a FB table.
> The process (ISQL) is failing after about 5 minutes with the following
> error message:
> Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
> I/O error for file "C:\DB1\Data.txt":
> -Error while trying to open file
> -The device does not recognize the command.
> ...

> Anyway, it would appear that I have exceeded these limits. What to
> do? Break up the external file into smaller (<4GB) files?

Although the engine supports 64 bit file I/O for the database file --
the external table module does not. Accordingly, you should break up
the external file into files <= 2Gb in size.

(I say < 2GB, because I'm not sure that the external tables pointer is
an unsigned integer, given the error message I suspect it's not. The
error is probably happening with the pointer 'rolls' over, becomes

> But then what about the final size of the FB DB - it's still going to
> 4GB?

As long as you use a hard drive with a file system which support 64 bit
I/O then you will be fine (ie. stay away from FAT 16/32) -- I've created
40GB test databases without any problems.