Subject Questions about FB file size limits
Author Peter M. Jagielski
Fellow FB Users,

I'm running FB 1.5.1 on WinXP Pro (NTFS), 1G RAM.

I have a fixed-length ASCII text file that was exported from another
DB. I need to get it into FB. The file is 16.6G is size, containing
17 million recs.

My plan was to have FB attach the file as an external file, and then
do a INSERT INTO..SELECT.. from the external file into a FB table.
The process (ISQL) is failing after about 5 minutes with the following
error message:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
I/O error for file "C:\DB1\Data.txt":
-Error while trying to open file
-The device does not recognize the command.

I have Helen's Firebird book (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), and one of her
appendixes (p. 946,947) states that the max DB file size under NTFS is
4GB. Also, the max size on a external file (NTFS) is 4GB. Helen had
also mentioned that doing this type of import may cause a problem due
to the number of records being read during a single transaction. She
said to limit each transaction batch to around 10k recs.

Anyway, it would appear that I have exceeded these limits. What to
do? Break up the external file into smaller (<4GB) files? But then
what about the final size of the FB DB - it's still going to be >4GB?
Should I look at getting a new 64K-bit PC with 64k-bit WinXP? Change
OS'S? Anyone else have experience doing a massive import like this?