Subject Re: Re-use space
Author achiadodespammed
--- In, Elmar Haneke <elmar@h...>

Hi Elmar

> The space should be automatically reused. You should check if
>there is
> an old transaction still open, this could prevent reusage since
> old DB state is still kept available for that transaktion.

I Have not a db stat now so I cant check for that. I can check it on
monday. An old transaction can be caused by a crashed application
with a transaction opened? If so, Firebird rollback trans after a
certain time?

> If there is no old transaction space reusage might be limited by
> fragmentation. But, the fragmentation overhead should not grow
> Elmar

So gbak and gfix -sweep are the right tasks to run?

Thank you

Andrea Chiado' Piat
Bit Informatica srl
Torino - Italy