Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Windows XP SP2
Author Daniel Rail

At August 27, 2004, 18:01, sct9221 wrote:

> Yes, this sounds exactly like what is happening. My firewall log
> shows there were 4 attempts by the server running Firebird to access
> port 113 on my WinXP client machine before it finally gave up and
> allowed access anyway.

> So you do not think Firebird is initiating the Identification request?

It's a TCP/IP thing.

> Would the Linux server be doing that on its own?

It's possible.

> I suppose the best
> place to disable this would be at the server, otherwise I'm gonna have
> to play with the firewall on every workstation where I apply SP2.

If you can disable it without any problems go ahead. Otherwise,
you'll have to open the port.

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