Subject Re: Windows XP SP2
Author sct9221
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...> wrote:
> I don't think Firebird uses port 113. Read the following
> documentation on port 113:
> And, there is a section that does mention about delays if the firewall
> is blocking it.
Yes, this sounds exactly like what is happening. My firewall log
shows there were 4 attempts by the server running Firebird to access
port 113 on my WinXP client machine before it finally gave up and
allowed access anyway.

So you do not think Firebird is initiating the Identification request?
Would the Linux server be doing that on its own? I suppose the best
place to disable this would be at the server, otherwise I'm gonna have
to play with the firewall on every workstation where I apply SP2.

Thanks for the informative link.

Steve Tyrakowski