Subject Features implementation request / plans
Author clementdoss

I have just finished importing a 19 Gbytes database to Firebird 1.5
(over 70 milions records). Yes it's a real world application. And
yes, all the queries runs in under one second.
The import process when just fine. It took only 20 minutes to import
all the records. Server is a AMD XP 2000 with 512Mbytes. And yes,
only 20 minutes :-).

I just lost a lot of time, cause the files where tab delimited. And
I had to convert them to fixed length to use the external file. I
timed the import process after all the files were properly converted
from tab to fixed format.
Would it be possible to have an external file that supports "tab"
delimited format? It would be nice to have a generic "field
delimiter", but "tab" would be great.

Another feature that would be great: Linking Database.
if we could just link Firebird databases on the same server, for
example,DatabaseA and DatabaseB. From DatabaseA, I would write
something like : select * from DatabaseB.Owner.TableName.
Using joins, writing exists, using views,..., etc . That would be

Although I am trying to avoid using it, select count(*) from table,
should really be improved :-(
Sometimes my customers would like to have an idea of the database
size, and this beast must run. For now, I just update a table with
the record count during the update process, and instead of running
the query, I display the correct field from that database.

Anyway, thanks for doing a brilliant job with Firebird. Keep
improving it! Can wait to start testing FB 2.0 :-D