Subject Re: [firebird-support] Features implementation request / plans
Author Lester Caine
clementdoss wrote:

> I have just finished importing a 19 Gbytes database to Firebird 1.5
> (over 70 milions records). Yes it's a real world application. And
> yes, all the queries runs in under one second.

From What ?

> Another feature that would be great: Linking Database.
> if we could just link Firebird databases on the same server, for
> example,DatabaseA and DatabaseB. From DatabaseA, I would write
> something like : select * from DatabaseB.Owner.TableName.
> Using joins, writing exists, using views,..., etc . That would be
> great.

If the files are on the same machine then it could be feasible, but then
people will expect it to work across machines ;)

> Although I am trying to avoid using it, select count(*) from table,
> should really be improved :-(
> Sometimes my customers would like to have an idea of the database
> size, and this beast must run. For now, I just update a table with
> the record count during the update process, and instead of running
> the query, I display the correct field from that database.

That IS the correct way to do it. The count is only valid for the
transaction that accesses it, and only you know how you are counting
records. As well as a total count ( or just SUM sub totals ) it is very
useful to keep sub-total counts for different groups of records, and
only you know how to do that :)
In my own case I have CLIENT records that contain duplicates ( old
address details ) and so the total count can be adjusted.
Point is again, the simple case is probably not worth the effort, most
of the time people want more.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services