Subject database backup failure due to disk space - the real story
Author Gary Benade
Hi all,

I was really concerned when I doscovered that a maintenance backup that had
reported success had actually not completed due to insufficient disk space.
As far as not checking the disk space beforehand, it was an automated
procedure so I will give myself the benefit of the doubt - besides,
something as fundametal as backing up should be a little bit more fool proof
as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, the backups still failed, the software said it succeeded, and had I
not noticed this, it might have gone on indefinately, possibly leading to
catastrophe one day - probably when I'm on holiday enjoying myself as usual.
With this fresh in my mind I decided to investigate further.

The test: Backup a 4GB database onto a 128MB memory stick

IBOConsole went about its business and reported a successful backup. This of
course, was not the case.

Database Workbench also went about its business and reported backup
complete. This was also not the case.

So, if all the freeware and high end 3rd party GUI software was failing, how
would good old command line gbak perform?

gbak.exe source.gdb dest.bak happily proceeded to backup, and politely asked
for the next volume to be inserted when it had filled the stick.

Conclusion: It appears that third party software just spawns an instance of
gbak and waits for it to finish without checking the result.

Sincere apologies from myself to firebird team for doubting your abilities
in the first place. You really have created an outstanding product!