Subject Re: [firebird-support] database backup failure due to disk space - the real story
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Gary,

> IBOConsole went about its business and reported a successful backup. This of
> course, was not the case.
Can you please email Lorenzo about this?

> Database Workbench also went about its business and reported backup
> complete. This was also not the case.
Martjin will reply to this for sure. :-)

Maybe the apps just inform you that the job was done sucessfully and you
should check the log for more info about results?

> gbak.exe source.gdb dest.bak happily proceeded to backup, and politely asked
> for the next volume to be inserted when it had filled the stick.

This is great. :-)
In my backups scripts I use to check for the last message in GBak (Going
Home). It's a dirty way to check this, but it's really the only way. On
my software, I use verbose mode and get the info as well. I use
Lorenzo's components inside my apps, so I will check for errors on hard
disk space.

But this email is just to say: even if gbak reports no errors (by
checking 'going home' at the end) you should perform a restore to
*really* make sure you do have a reliable backup. Do it to some
temporary folder.