Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: gbak frozen! - what should I do?
Author Aage Johansen
rjschappe wrote:

>> ...
> Just to note... I aborted the frozen gbak via ctrl-c and for grins I
> ran gfix -v -f on the db (again no errors) and then I reran gbak and
> it froze again at the exact same spot...
> I ran it in verbose mode so I saw the table name... can I run a
> more "strong" or complete gfix just on this table... or is there
> anything else that I can do??

If _no one_ is connected:
1. Make a copy of the db
2. run gfix -m ... ...
This might make the db 'backupable'
3. Backup with gbak
If this is successful you could restore and compare (you already have a
suspect - the table where gbak stopped).

Are you sure that the gbak is not an old version? Are gds32/fbclient
correct version?
I've no experience with RedHat (or Linux, for that matter...)
Isn't there some steps you can take to recoever a database, outlined
somewhere on the IBPhoenix site? Or IbSurgeon?

Aage J.