Subject Re: gbak frozen! - what should I do?
Author rjschappe
> Isn't there some steps you can take to recoever a database,
outlined somewhere on the IBPhoenix site? Or IbSurgeon?

Thanks Aage !!

That was what I needed!

For some reason gfix did not find anything wrong - no matter what
parameters I threw at it!!

I finally did the backup with

gbak -backup -v -ignore -garbage src.fdb dest.fbk

and it went through... so it was the garbage collection that was
causing problems... and this goes hand in hand with the problems I
was having when I tried to "sweep" the database as well...

I restored and I noticed that the database was about 40% of the
original size!!!

I checked out the record counts of the "problem" table and both the
original db and the new restored (small) db had the same record
counts just a bit over half-million.

Thanks again for all the help!!!!!!! :-)