Subject Indexing non numeric primary keys
Author rajsubramani
I posted this initially in the Firebird-Java group but I was advised
that since it appeared to be more of a Firebird question (than a java
one) I should try and post it here. Please do not take it as a routine
cross-post, honest guv.

I am developing an application in JBoss with Firebird as the

I am toying (at this initial stage) between numeric primary keys and
string based primary keys.

The latter because I could used a uuid generator within my EJB
( to get a (almost) unique
key (in both space and time).

However, after a lot of "google" searches I have yet to understand
conclusively whether a numeric PK would be more "efficient" to index
as opposed to a varchar(36) key (particularly when the DB has between
100,000 to a millon records to sift through).

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter (and also if the
argument would apply to most RDBMS's).