Subject Re: [firebird-support] Indexing non numeric primary keys
Author Elmar Haneke
rajsubramani schrieb:

> However, after a lot of "google" searches I have yet to understand
> conclusively whether a numeric PK would be more "efficient" to index
> as opposed to a varchar(36) key (particularly when the DB has between
> 100,000 to a millon records to sift through).

The numerical key should be more efficient in theory since there can
be more key placed on each index page. The difference between string-
and integer- comparisons should not be of eny significance.

This does hold for nearly any DBMS.

On the other hand varchar(36) should also be indexed with good
performance, to get figures on the difference you should run some

To index the GUID-varchar field you should make shure to use an
single-byte-charset and that there is no collation since both can
significantly enlarge the key-size.