Subject OT: ERB shipped
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I wasn't quite certain whether Martijn was just faking fatigue in his
replies, but I considered that it wasn't worth taking the chance so
this afternoon I sent a pack of Emergency Recovery Bamsemums (ERB) to
Industrielaan - as requested by Helen. Though, having married
Angelika, I certainly cannot continue shipping Bamsemums like this,
three euro for 250 grammes is OK, but then there is an additional five
euro for the shipping. Hence, for health reasons I think Martijn
either has to move to Norway or send an email to firmapost@...
telling them about his terrible dilemma and ask if they could be so
kind as to start exporting to his village (I haven't checked whether
they already do, but I expect Martijn to have checked all possible
outlets in his area).

By the way, I was shocked to see the grammar of the most acknowledged
writer in this forum: Bamsemums is written Bamsemums both in singular
and plural! And the official homepage of Bamsemums is

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