Subject Site References?
Author Myles Wakeham
I'm doing a presentation to a group of developers in Northern California
next month on Firebird, and I'd like to cite some example sites that are
using Firebird, ideally larger corporate or government sites.

If anyone has any names that they can give me, I'd really appreciate it.
This group are US developers, so US sites would be great. Hell, I'd be
happy to mention some large Interbase sites as well, but I'll take any
reference sites that I can get. I won't be contacting the sites at all, so
I don't need contact details. Just the names of a few larger sites to give
some feeling of 'comfort' to these developers. If they think that <insert
big company here> is using Firebird, they'll be far more willing to invest
the time to evaluate it themselves.


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