Subject International characters in user names
Author remk_1
I use IBSecurityService to manage server users. FB 1.5.1 allows
international characters in user's first/middle/last name, which is
in general positive change. Previous versions always refused to store
such a name. I suspect, however, that this is just a side effect of
the current NONE character set modifications.
The problem is that names are written and read in their plain Ansi
form without any transformation, although their columns are defined
as UNICODE_FSS. Now i wonder whether I should leave the names in Ansi
or transform them into UTF8 myself before I store them. UTF8 names
wouldn't be compatible with current versions of database management
tools (IBO Console, IB Expert etc.) which are unable to read or write
UTF8 names. Ansi names on the other hand, would become unreadable on
a client with different ansi locale setting.
What is the preferred solution ?