Subject Re: Deploying Firebird
Author sgharp
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
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> sgharp wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >Where can I find information on how to deploy Firebird? I see
> >installation instructions but nothing about setting up security
> >the server on your client's machine. I can't imagine giving my
> >client a readme file explaining how to use gsec.
> To create users, you could use gsec, or use the FB API trough your
> Or the dba (maybe you) do the job at your client site.

I need to change the password for SYSDBA and setup a user for my
application at the server level before my application can connect.
Our installations are always done remotely so it needs to be a brain-
dead process that we can walk an unenlightened user through over the
phone. If it's much more than run setup.exe, then our support
people are going to have problems.