Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Deploying Firebird
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:46 AM 30/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
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> > sgharp wrote:
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> > >Hi All,
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> > >Where can I find information on how to deploy Firebird? I see
> > >installation instructions but nothing about setting up security
> > >the server on your client's machine. I can't imagine giving my
> > >client a readme file explaining how to use gsec.
> >
> > To create users, you could use gsec, or use the FB API trough your
> >
> > Or the dba (maybe you) do the job at your client site.
>I need to change the password for SYSDBA and setup a user for my
>application at the server level before my application can connect.

You can never count on being able to do this. If Firebird is already
installed for use with another application, you'll need to a) have
permission to change the SYSDBA password and b) know the existing password.

If you're deploying Firebird + application to a network that hasn't had
Firebird before, you can deploy security.fdb "ready-to-go". For password
admin, you can make a very easy litle app to interface with gsec, for use
by sysdba on site.

>Our installations are always done remotely so it needs to be a brain-
>dead process that we can walk an unenlightened user through over the
>phone. If it's much more than run setup.exe, then our support
>people are going to have problems.

Things might even be more beyond control than you anticipate, e.g. managing
an installation on a network which has InterBase or a version of Firebird
already using the default service port and mismatched client libraries...