Subject Interbase 5.6 problem
Author Lester Caine
One of the few sites that I still have running IB5.6 ( because they
won't pay for an update ;) ) has had a hiccup which I can't understand.

They do not have access to any SQL tools, like IB_SQL, so they can't
'fiddle', backup happens from a batch file, and SHOULD have left me with
a couple of back issues, but for some reason the database is empty. The
metadata is correct, just all tables blank, yet the file size is still 79Mb.

Backup and restore produces a 700k blank database, but anybody got any
idea how the contents could be wiped? I could understand a backup
metadata only, but then size would change. The only other thing would be
'DELETE FROM xxx' for each table - which in theory they can't do. So any
other thoughts?

I'm not too desperate in this, although there is 6 months of data in
theory missing between the last engineers visit and now, but since they
have not been using the system properly I'm happy to say - well if you
had updated ... but it would be nice to fill the gap as it could help
win another order.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services