Subject Re: [firebird-support] Interbase 5.6 problem
Author bill

As one who also still runs IB5.6 (on SCO) - this is scary ...
Is there any archiving process running ?
Does a verbose 'gbak -b -v' show that any records are written ?
The backup that happens from the batch file ... does it produce an
historical log ?
Does it also restore ? If it restores as well - I would look at that -
perhaps along the line one of the restores failed ?


Lester Caine wrote:

> One of the few sites that I still have running IB5.6 ( because they
> won't pay for an update ;) ) has had a hiccup which I can't understand.
> They do not have access to any SQL tools, like IB_SQL, so they can't
> 'fiddle', backup happens from a batch file, and SHOULD have left me with
> a couple of back issues, but for some reason the database is empty. The
> metadata is correct, just all tables blank, yet the file size is still
> 79Mb.
> Backup and restore produces a 700k blank database, but anybody got any
> idea how the contents could be wiped? I could understand a backup
> metadata only, but then size would change. The only other thing would be
> 'DELETE FROM xxx' for each table - which in theory they can't do. So any
> other thoughts?
> I'm not too desperate in this, although there is 6 months of data in
> theory missing between the last engineers visit and now, but since they
> have not been using the system properly I'm happy to say - well if you
> had updated ... but it would be nice to fill the gap as it could help
> win another order.
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