Subject Running firebird over local network
Author Stevio
Hi all,

I have two Windows XP machines networked and I am trying to run a Firebird
Delphi application over.

- One is Windows XP Pro and this has the database on it and Firebird 1.5
server installed.
- The other is Windows XP Home and this has Firebird 1.5 client installed.

I have shared the database folder on the XP Pro machine, and the database
path is stored in a .ini file in the same folder as the application on the
XP Home machine.

However, when I try to run the application on the XP Home machine, I get an
error pop up on the XP Pro machine:
Missing configuration file: C:\Program

The application hangs on the XP Home machine until I close the error message
on the XP Pro machine. Is it possible to get it to run in this setup, and
what format should the path to the database take?


Do I need to map a drive letter to the shared folder?