Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Large Firebird 1.5 database
Author Fred Gordon
Thanks to all for the really good feedback.

What type of cpu & OS are you running this db on?
Is your disk just a standard IDE drive or are you using SCSI?


gbehnke2000 wrote:

> Fred,
> our DB has a size of 13-16 GByte that is not a problem. Our problem
> is what we have many connections 160-200 and so from time to time we
> will reach the 2GByte Limit of address space which can be handled
> from FB. If the 2GB Limit is reached FB crashes and will be restarted
> immediately from the Guardian (Never did we lost any datas if the
> crash happens !)
> We're in discussion with Paul Reeves which means that there is a FB
> Version available which can handle more then 2GByte RAM if the
> corresponding Boot Switch from Windows is right adjusted.
> Up to this problem FB is very stable and fast.
> Best regards
> Gerhard
> P.S. Please i don't want to start a discussion why we don't use a
> applicationsserver to keep the connections smaller. We use a
> applicationsserver for our slow line connections but we don't want to
> use it for our fast inhouse connections.
> --- In, Fred Gordon <fred@m...>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I am working on a project to convert several old informix standard
> > engine databases over to a new platform. I converted a small
> database
> > and have been doing some testing and so far Firebird (super server)
> > seems to be working wonderfully.
> >
> > Does anyone on this forum have any experience using Firebird in a
> large
> > production environment? I know that large is relative.... some of
> the
> > system that I need to convert have as many as 50 concurrent users
> and
> > several tables with 5 million+ records. The databases grow to 10
> or so
> > gigs. So when I say large I mean to large for ms access not
> oracle :-)
> >
> > We will be using Tomcat and JDBC to access the database.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Fred.