Subject Firebird om laptop
Author Johan van Zyl
Can you help John?


No I have not. I thought I had read on a web site that Firebird did
not have to be installed on the laptop to run the application
developed in Clarion. There was something about just having to use
Firebird's DLL's ? Am I completely wrong on this? I don't want ot
have to install Firebird on every latptop/desktop that htis
application is going to run on.


On 28 Jul 2004 00:51:40 -0400, Johan van Zyl <johan@...> wrote:

>Have you also INSTALLED all required components on this new laptop?
>Liek FireBird and the ODBC driver?
>On 27 Jul 2004 22:57:50 -0400, john heck <johnheck@...> wrote:
>>I am new to Firebird but have been reading all of the threads with
>>great enthusiasim. I have installed Firebird on my laptop with great
>>success. I have a Clarion application accessing a Firebird SQL DB
>>that is working fine on my laptop. I have it set up as a DSN-less
>>connection. I move the application, Firebird DB, the necessary
>>Clarion Dll's and the Firebird FBClient.Dll to a stand alone laptop
>>that the applicaiton must run on. I am having trouble accessing the
>>Firebird DB on this other laptop.
>>What am I missing?
>>John Heck
>Johan van Zyl
>JVZ Systems CC

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