Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird om laptop
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:23 PM 28/07/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Can you help John?
>No I have not. I thought I had read on a web site that Firebird did
>not have to be installed on the laptop to run the application
>developed in Clarion. There was something about just having to use
>Firebird's DLL's ? Am I completely wrong on this?

Not completely wrong. If it's Windows, he can use the embedded server,
which is a dll merging a one-user server and client into one.

Of course he will need the ODBC driver. It's not part of Firebird - it's
an interface between the client part of the Firebird library and the
Clarion client application layer. Whatever ODBC driver he's currently using
for the full server will work fine with the embedded server.

He won't have to change his application to work with this model - the
client part is no different to the regular client. Just that he can use
*only* the IPC connection protocol, i.e. no TCP/IP loopback, no Named Pipes
- just the direct (absolute) path to the database file. There's no
server-level user authentication; but his client will still require a user
name and password (and role, if used) in the connection parameters. It
needs to be a user that has SQL permissions in the database. The password
can be anything at all. Embedded is not a secure model.

Tell him to go to the Main Downloads page at and scroll
down till he finds a link for downloading the Win32 Embedded kit.

Also, this arms-length consultancy and forwarded mails are a pain in the
neck. Why can't these guys join the support list on their own account? If
they want to use a newsgroup interface, they can set their firebird-support
list account to "No Email" and use the mirror, which is egroups.ib-support
on news://