Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unavailable Database
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:34 PM 23/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hopefully someone can help me here. I have a web application written
>in delphi and intraweb. The database is firebird and I connect to it
>using the UIB dbexpress drivers.The application is hosted by a company
>who have been very helpful, but I am stuck. When i try to access any
>database information via the app the following message is displayed
> Unavailable database. Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable
> resource. Error code 55.
>Does anyone have any idea what this error message means. I am using
>Firebird 1.5 with the latest UIB dbexpress drivers.

As Dennis mentioned, it might be that the server isn't running, or that
your app isn't supplying the right connection info. If its Delphi and
Intraweb, presumably we are talking about Windows clients.

1. Make sure your app is loading the right client library. For Fb 1.5,
this is fbclient.dll, located in the \bin directory of the server
installation. The most likely thing is that you need to build the
"compatibility" version of the client - named gds32.dll and placed in the
client machine's system directory (..\system32 which is under WINNT on NT
and Win2k and under Windows on XP). The program for rebuilding the
compatible client is instclient.exe - in ../bin, docs in the \doc directory.

2. If the server is running under Linux then the connection string must be
TCP/IP and it is different to the one for Windows. Let's say the host
server is and the database is in /home/davidallan/data, here's
your connection string:

and on Linux it is CASE SENSITIVE all the way.

3. Make an entry in the HOSTS file of the client: # IP address of the host server, of course!

4. Find out which port the provider is using for the gds_db service. If it
is not port 3050, you need to adjust the client's connection configuration
to poll the right port. See the Fb 1.5 release notes for a whole section
on this topic.

5. Firewalls, bad netmasks may also cause this error.