Subject Re: Unavailable Database
Author davidallan99
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> As Dennis mentioned, it might be that the server isn't running, or
> your app isn't supplying the right connection info. If its Delphi
> Intraweb, presumably we are talking about Windows clients.
> 1. Make sure your app is loading the right client library. For Fb
> this is fbclient.dll, located in the \bin directory of the server
> installation. The most likely thing is that you need to build the
> "compatibility" version of the client - named gds32.dll and placed
in the
> client machine's system directory (..\system32 which is under WINNT
on NT
> and Win2k and under Windows on XP). The program for rebuilding the
> compatible client is instclient.exe - in ../bin, docs in the \doc


Fortunately the above was setup ok on the hosting machine.

I got the problem resolved late last night after exchanging emails
with my hosting company who did a sterling job on
resolving the issues. What the problems turned out to be were

1. The db was located on a different server and I had to put the IP
address into the connection properties of the SQL connection.

2. The UIBDBexpfire15.dll was not located in the windows/system
directory on the host machine. My host then placed this file
in the correct directory and the problems were solved.

Many thanks to you and Dennis for posting your replies.