Subject Re: [firebird-support] NewBie - Delphi Components for use with Firebird
Author Alain PIERRE
>Dan: Check out IBObjects (
>I know of no solution for Delphi that is superior to IBO.

>Andy: Although I have to agree with Dan IBObjects is
>probably the best around.

>Myles: I would highly recommend

and anybody else:

As I'm also looking for components to use with Firebird, I'd
appreciate learning specifically what it is about IBO that
you experience to be superior, best, highly recommendable,
etc... and what makes that so superior, better, etc... with
regard to other Delphi/FB components you tested ?

If somebody would like to express his/her appreciation and
experience in favor of other components please do so and
thanks for commenting as requested above.

I'd also appreciate you'd mention your connection/implication
with the company providing the(se) component(s), if that's
the case ;-)

Thanks a lot,
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- Delphi 7.0 Pro US ( Build 8.1 )

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