Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 2473
Author Stan
In the IBObjects group (I am posting in this group rather than IBObjects
because my question is "wider" than just IBO issues) Helen recently wrote:

"Always use a parameterised WHERE clause to limit the output to 200 rows or

This, of course, is good advice. I would like to know how to implement this
limitation when the result set is controlled by the user. I'm thinking of
the (common, I suppose) case where the user types a few characters (of, say,
a product or a last name) and clicks a Search button, the intention being to
provide the user with a list they can scroll through to select their desired
item or person. Even if the software requires the typing of more than just
one or two letters before searching, it can still be the case that the
resulting search will contain more than 200 items. What techniques or
components might be suggested to limit the response set to 200 items while
still allowing the user to seamlessly scroll through their intended result

-- Stan