Subject Re: [firebird-support] isc_attach_database and Linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:40 AM 21/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I am trying to connect to the example database using
>isc_attach_database on linux using Firebird 1.5 (
>using the database name,
>'/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb' or

This one won't work with and won't work at all with
Superserver. The only direct-local-connect option on Linux is and Classic server.

>and get the following error:
>unable to complete network request to "C"
>- failed to locate host machine

Is localhost (or localhost.localdomain) defined in the /etc/hosts file? If
so, there will be an entry like localhost # plus maybe an optional comment
or localhost.localdomain # comment

>- the specified name in host file or domain name services was not

Alternatively, try localhost.localdomain or the IP address

>I am obviously using the wrong connection string. I cannot found
>documentation regarding the correct connection string for Linux.

It can be found in the OpGuide.pdf and also in the Quick Start Guide.

Your localhost connection string would work as long as the hosts entry
exists. Of course, it won't work if the client is remote...