Subject Re: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Geert Bevin
Look, this is a theoretical discussion with just one example. I'm
actually having the same problems to merely run the unittests on a
pooled connection. Sure I could setup something 'special' for Firebird,
but it's just behaving very differently from all the others in that

And please, don't selectively quote me on MySQL. I clearly said
PostgreSQL, Oracle and HypersonicSQL too. They all support foreign keys
without problems. We're in the middle of adding McKoi and Sybase
support too and those don't behave like that either.

Honestly, why is the first table 'in use'? It's not at all in use. I
have no statements using it, every prior statement is closed, so are
the result sets. It clearly isn't 'in use'. It's just available. I'd be
very interested in knowing the rationale behind what Firebird is
enforcing? I'm actually wondering if this isn't a real weird behavior
or a bug that's just validate by some statements like "oh but you never
should do this in a production environment anyway, blah blah blah". The
point is I *want* do to this and I get no real explanation why I can't.

> All you would need to do this startup process is use a separate
> exclusive
> connection to create your database. Even if others work thru the pool I
> wouldn't do it. Maybe with MySQL it wouldn't matter at all they don't
> have
> foreign keys anyway??? but to create the db I would be running thru a
> non
> production outlet.
> Alan
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