Subject Re: [firebird-support] Changing the owner
Author Nando Dessena

T> The following is an old how-to I've cooked up while
T> developing FBOM. Not sure if it is up to date. There
T> also might be an easier way.


Thanks, it will help. My situation is particular (very many databases
to convert but all of them have similar structure, no roles, no
privileges, just SYSDBA everywhere) so I have a feeling that I can cut
many corners.

T> FBOwnerMigrator is a stand-alone windows application.

I suspected so. I'll have to cook up something on my own, which is not
going to be difficult thanks to your findings.

If I am able to reproduce the crash issue on a sample
database I'll let the developers have a look at the case.

Thank you so much.
Nando Dessena
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