Subject RE: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Alan McDonald
> I tried that, but that only seems to work when you have a single
> connection. As I explained earlier, I'm using a connection pool. Even
> when I close and reconnect all the connections this doesn't work. It
> only seems to be possible with only one connection. Clearly this is
> very impractical. I'd really appreciate a solution that could be used
> without Firebird-specific code modifications just to be able to use
> foreign keys.
> Thanks a lot.

hmm, connection pooling is a production technique for scaling up your
access. I'm afraid this does not sit well for database design development
work.. You need to develop your database in a development environment. You
can sync your metadata changes in one go when you're ready after you
disconnect the pool and establish exclusive access to the production db
(after you back it up).