Subject Re: Missing Configuration File
Author ra8009
>>peer to peer... what do you mean?

The two machines are conncted to one another with a crossover cable
and TCP/IP. The one with XP Pro has the database file (Machine A), the
other machine has XP home (Machine B) and is trying to access the
database over the network.

When B tries to access the file, machine A displays the message
"Missing Config File ...". This is on machines at another location,
but I'm all but 100% certain that the config file is right where it
should be.

I'm thinking that my snytax might not be correct? I'm using IB
Objects. What should the server be listed as?


and the database?


Is this correct?

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > I have two computers connected peer to peer. I have a program on one
> > (XP Home) opening a database file on the other (XP Pro). When the call
> > is made to the "server" an error is generated on the server computer
> > that says: Missing Configuration File, C:\...
> >
> > What an I doing wrong?
> >
> sounds like your aliases.conf file is missing????
> just to be pedantic, you say peer to peer... what do you mean?
> If you mean that the 2 machines are on the same network and you are
> to connect to server:c:\data\file.gdb from the other machine and you
> tcp installed then fine.
> If you are trying to connect by askign the server on machine 1 to find a
> database on machine 2 then no no no... your setup is wrong.
> which is it
> Alan