Subject RE: [firebird-support] Missing Configuration File
Author Alan McDonald
> I have two computers connected peer to peer. I have a program on one
> (XP Home) opening a database file on the other (XP Pro). When the call
> is made to the "server" an error is generated on the server computer
> that says: Missing Configuration File, C:\... Firebird1_5\aliases.conf.
> What an I doing wrong?

sounds like your aliases.conf file is missing????

just to be pedantic, you say peer to peer... what do you mean?
If you mean that the 2 machines are on the same network and you are trying
to connect to server:c:\data\file.gdb from the other machine and you have
tcp installed then fine.
If you are trying to connect by askign the server on machine 1 to find a
database on machine 2 then no no no... your setup is wrong.
which is it