Subject Invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)
Author Steven Taylor
Hope someone can help. (my first post, probably not my last). WinXP,
fb1.5, ODBC - client RealBasic 5.5.3

I'm experimenting with different client/server models, as is the case in
some other threads, I'm coming from an Access world. (time to step up).

I can connect to the database via ODBC from my client, RealBasic (VB clone -
sort of). I can cycle through a table and populate an array with all the
primary keys. Navigation is by way of building a 'SELECT' statement with a
'WHERE' clause pointing to the array. Only one record is returned. This
all works, navigation is possible, first, previous, next and last.

When editing a particular record, excuting an 'UPDATE' statement, I receive
no error and it appears everything ok. When I then next issue a 'SELECT'
statement to navigate to next or previous record (there is a previous/next
record) my error trap kicks in. Last error message from database
connection is:-

"Invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)".

I use IBManager for general admin use. The changes I made are in fact
committed and saved.

Any help would be appreciated. My way of doing things works for Advantage
Database and MySQL, just can't figure out this little hiccup.

Steven Taylor
Melbourne, Australia.