Subject Re: installing firebird on windows networks
Author petesouthwest
Further to this:

If Firebird is being installed directly to the server, will the drive
letter selected as the destination appear the same letter to the
network? ie if the client machines see a drive 'T' that is a harddisk
on server 3, when Firebird installs to server 3, will it be installed
to T:\program files\firebird etc or will it be c:\....?


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> Hi
> I'm trying to get clear in my mind how I can get my app to connect
to its database, with the minimal hassle to the person installing it.
> On that basis I have been trying to work out how to convert a UNC
path into the hostName:drive: protocol needed. However, It has
occurred to me that as the firebird installation interrogates and
makes changes to the server (registry presumably), so it runs
automatically as either a service or an application, surely the set-
up exe needs to execute on the server rather than on a pc connected
to the server?
> Sorry for what is probably another stupid question!
> Thanks
> Pete
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