Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: installing firebird on windows networks
Author Alan McDonald
> Further to this:
> If Firebird is being installed directly to the server, will the drive
> letter selected as the destination appear the same letter to the
> network? ie if the client machines see a drive 'T' that is a harddisk
> on server 3, when Firebird installs to server 3, will it be installed
> to T:\program files\firebird etc or will it be c:\....?
> Thanks
> Pete

forget about network drives. they don't enter the picture.
you don't reference a database by how you might see it over a shared network
drive - you reference it by how the server sees it on one of its system
e.g. you connect to server:c:/path/database.gdb
because you are asking "server" to connect to a file visible to it at the
c:/path/database.gdb location.
You cannot ask it to connect to T: and you cannot connect to T: yourself
It'a altogether better if you don't even put databases on a shared drive
which is visible to anyone with share permissions. Only the server should be
able to see the file.
(I'm not discounting a workaround for this which some people seem to toy
with from time to time)